Our solution is backed by technology and, extensively trained and digitized agricultural extension agents working closely with farmers to enhance agricultural productivity by advisory service delivery, monitoring and evaluation of production and post-harvest activities which results in effective capacity building and risk management.

Monitoring & Evaluation

CropIT pride itself as the largest monitoring company in Nigeria for agricultural development. Our team covered over 1million hectares in.

Mapping / Land Management System

Land is at the center of cropping, therefore knowing the correct size and nutrient requirement of agricultural land is important.

Extension Support

With over 1,000 digital extension workers our team of agricultural extension experts support farmers and clients, every step of the.

Digital Agronomy

We understand the numerous challenges and responsibilities that farmers face in managing critical farming elements such as knowing the input.

Precision Agriculture

We support precision farming with the use of satellite technology that allows real time management of crops, fields and livestock..

Knowledge Transfer

We develop training and learning resources that are adapted to meet the needs of all classes of agricultural stakeholders.


CropIT represent some of the largest irrigation companies in the world. Irrigation as a service to commercial farms, smallholder farmers.

Post Harvest

CropIT a leading expert in post-harvest handling and storage solutions for your agricultural commodities like coffee beans, maize and other.

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