Mapping / Land Management System

Land is at the center of cropping, therefore knowing the correct size and nutrient requirement of agricultural land is important for good planning and results. Our Land Management System allows for precise calculation of farm size using GPS coordinates; analysis of soil type and nutrient composition of the farmland and then computation of input.

Land mapping is one of the most important concepts in agriculture. Land mapping has been used extensively to derive a number of biophysical variables, such as vegetation index, biomass, and carbon content – all of which have a great influence on yield and productivity. More importantly, land cover mapping helps to identify the underlying natural social processes, thus providing essential information for modelling and understanding many different phenomena on potential farms.

CropIT offer machine-assisted land mapping services which make the process quicker, less laborious and accurate.  From a satellite base layer, we add several transparent layers showing additional features found on the land.  Our farm maps are detailed which makes them highly useful for management planning and communication.

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