Digital Agronomy

We understand the numerous challenges and responsibilities that farmers face in managing critical farming elements such as knowing the input to use, pests and diseases, while also ensuring the soil and environment are not put at risk by their farming practices. This is where our Agronomists come in to assist farmers with good practices and technologies that will strengthens their agricultural practices, improve their yields and supports their prosperity.

CropIT provides digital agronomy services and advice tailored to help farmers prosper. With a network of dedicated agronomists across the six geopolitical zones, our agronomy services team work closely together to ensure farmers are provided with expert advice to help their crops reach their full potential. 

We leverage a full suite of digital platforms with AI capabilities to deliver agronomic advisory to smallholder farmers. Our platform monitors and captures farm-level data and delivers adaptive real-time advisories for agriculture from crop planning, sowing window selection to harvesting.

At CropIT, we recognize that no two farms are the same and that’s why our customers receive a tailored service, curated to meet their needs.  Depending on the farmer’s crop, we provide guidelines on good agronomic practices (GAP), tips on crop management practices and early warning on pests and diseases to empower farming communities in managing agricultural risks.  We also provide:

Early Warning Pest & Disease Forecasts:

Predictive advisory generation regarding pests & diseases on the basis of prevailing climatic conditions and crop stages identified using satellite image analysis.

Advisory on Sowing Window:

Using historical data (at least 3 years) on the sowing dates & associated yield and the current prevalent weather condition, we identify the ideal sowing date.

Fertigation & pesticide Spray Schedules:

These are generated based on daily weather data

Advisory on Harvest Window:

This is determined based on weather forecasts for extreme conditions like high temperature, heavy rainfall, stormy winds etc.

Two-way Communication Channel

Our platform would send a comprehensive set of agronomic advisories directly to farmers via mobile application and SMS. This ensures wide reachability in a limited timeframe. Farmers can also raise requests and queries seeking information & advisories for faster resolution. Our team of agronomists and subject matter experts respond to these queries in a timely manner.


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