Extension Support

With over 1,000 digital extension workers our team of agricultural extension experts support farmers and clients, every step of the way, providing them with the knowledge and expert support they need to implement the best farming practices and agricultural operations. The purpose of this service is to help farmers and clients exceed their crop production and agricultural goals, through our well trained field agents.

In rural agricultural communities, only a few people have access to formal education or technical training in agricultural best practices. CropIT helps organize and deliver appropriate agricultural extension services to farmers. These services are often facilitated by our fully trained and digitized Extension Agents (EAs) who advise farmers in good agricultural practices according to their specific crops or livestock.

We provide advice, information, and other support services to farmers to enable them to improve the productivity of their crop and animal production and thereby their farm and non-farm incomes

We are committed to providing expert assistance in improving agricultural production and processing, and also enabling the flow of information, the transfer of knowledge and scientific findings to practice.

As an organization, we focus on two major components:

Using our dedicated app, our Extension Agents (EAs) visit the farmers’ fields and create tickets for the farmers based on any farmer query such as pest infestation, pesticide and fertilizer usage etc. All the farmer tickets raised get stored at the backend against farmer profiles.

Also, the field extension app can be used to record data from product trials and demonstrations by the EAs to illustrate best practices to the native farmers for individual crops.


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