Our Community

The CropIT community is made up of +2 million small-scale farmers and a trusted network of retailers, who align with our mission to enable farmers to reach their full economic potential. Interactions in this vibrant community are mutually beneficial for business outcomes. Our mission is to enable farmers to be more successful, and together with millions of farmers and retailers, we’re shaping our community to do just that.


Our members are independent farmers of all ages who between them farm a wide range of crops and livestock.

Their goal is to maximize the productivity of their farms so they can be successful. CropIT supports this by providing a place where farmers can connect with each other for farming advice on everything from techniques and products, to potential pitfalls and market prices. Farmers also gain access to our marketplace – a network of trusted retailers in their neighborhood.

Retailer network

Our retailers are independent businesses who partner with us to provide our members with quality inputs at fair prices.

Once a retailer joins our community, they gain access to thousands of CropIT members in their area who become their new customers. Our members, in turn, get access to a retailer in their neighbourhood who sells quality, trusted products. Prices on our marketplace are more affordable, because of the size of our community results in more buying power.


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