Monitoring & Evaluation

CropIT pride itself as the largest monitoring company in Nigeria for agricultural development. Our team covered over 2million hectares in 6 values chains. CropIT understands the dynamics of using technology to monitor project status and progress reports across Nigeria, our expertise and innovative approached give value to our clients.

CropIT delivers innovative and sustainable agribusiness monitoring solutions to ensure the objectives of agricultural projects are achieved. To minimize lending risks and ensure proper implementation, we offer monitoring and evaluation services to leading financial institutions, farmers’ associations, private organizations and international development agencies. Our monitoring and evaluation solution is backed by professional agriculture protocols and management tools with a focus on boosting yield and mitigating all associated risks. We combine digital tools with a strong sustainable extension layer and an extensive audit and agricultural knowledge. In collaboration with our technical partners, we have:

Selected Projects:

Working Process:

We deploy monitoring agents with digital tools and technology to enhance last-mile delivery. Our digital tool deployment is in two segments: on-field and backend. All field agents are mobile and equipped with smartphones and digital applications for near real-time data collection on inputs distribution and usage reporting, crop growth and harvest monitoring. This on-field component involves physical contact and interaction with farmers and other field level stakeholders. The backend component allows for remote monitoring and overseeing of field operations, providing checks and balances at designated locations as well a dashboard for our clients to observe the happenings on the field.


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