About Us

CropIT Nigeria Limited is an emerging full stack Agtech Company working hard to position itself as the leading agribusiness solution platform in Africa

CropIT is the foremost agribusiness solution platform in Africa

There are over 1 billion people directly involved in small-scale agriculture. Together, these farmers grow 70% of the world’s food. We want to connect and support these farmers so they can grow more effectively, and ultimately rewrite global supply chains for their benefit. Our vision is to enable 10 million small-scale farmers in Africa to fulfil their economic potential by 2030.

Founded in 2019, CropIT was initially launched as a digital and monitoring company for smallholder financiers. After the initial launch, CropIT became an independent, mission-driven company, building a trusted digital platform and deploying technologies to empower communities of farmers to be more successful. To date, 2 million farmers have connected with us for better success and we have been involved in some of the largest agricultural initiatives in Nigeria.

Our Values

Why Choose Us

“ CropIT operates across multiple segments, and benefits from many diverse perspectives and experiences across our members, teams, and partners. ”

Unlocking Opportunities

We fill market gaps in parts of the world where it is thought to be impossible; we provide equal opportunity in our activities and we prize diversity within our own organization.


We deliver. We take ownership when things do not go as planned and we lead with high ethics and environmental, social and governance standards. This includes the impact of our work on local communities and the environment.

Sustainable Innovation

With the current focus on climate change and emissions from agriculture, we are developing several projects that can help farmers reduce their impact on the environment.


When agribusiness professionalize, they are more profitable, more sustainable, and better linked to markets.


We are honest and transparent because it builds mutual trust and respect with all stakeholders.


We have a strong, positive and tangible effect on peoples’ lives.

“Farming is a profession that requires expertise, intuition, and respect for the land. Technology can help us make better and data-informed decisions, but it cannot replace human interaction entirely, hence, the need to take extension service delivery to farmers in their locality.”

Taiwo Ogunleye

Lead Extension


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