Post Harvest

CropIT a leading expert in post-harvest handling and storage solutions for your agricultural commodities like coffee beans, maize and other grains: Solar Dryers, Storage solutions and cocoons.

In Nigeria, we represent several leading manufacturers of innovative post-harvest technologies for agricultural commodities like beans, maize, sesame, cocoa, millet, sorghum and other grains. Our solutions include drying, transport, and storage tools that help preserve food quality and quantity through sustainable processes. 

Through our partnership, we help to deploy ultra-hermetic storage technologies to ensure that farmers’ outputs are handled in a moisture-free, insect-free, and mould-free environment. Our post-harvest technology help reduces food losses and improves food quality by protecting agricultural commodities against insect infestation, mould growth, oxidation and rancidity. They also improve the quality of life for farmers and their families by protecting their commodities against food losses and by enabling them to actively manage market dynamics (demand and supply).

Some of these technologies include:

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